Positive Sentiment, Union Budget 2015

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Positive Sentiment, Union Budget 2015
The government of India handed down its first full year budget since coming into power last year, on the promise of changing India’s economic fortunes. The virtual community that included the likes of individuals, influencers, distinguished citizens and activists were curiously watching.

“The world is predicting it’s India’s time to fly,” said Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, as he took to the stage and outlined various key points of the budget. Investments are to be made in infrastructure and agriculture however the slew of measures and schemes with respect to the tax code gathered the most attention on social. The buzz on twitter suggested that, on all fronts, the budget seemed like a long term plan for the common man.  Mr. Jaitley in his speech emphasized that his government intended to focus more on providing stability on a macroeconomic level and improving the current account deficit. As a result cheer was injected into the online community as far as taxation, energy and development were concerned and there was some negative sentiment surrounding the lack of big bang reforms.

As with everything else successfully implementing these reforms is key. Amid all the heightened expectations, the budget seems to have given the hopes and inspirations of the average Indian a great lift. The Union Budget has much to offer the various sectors and here is Germin8’s analysis of all the online interaction and engagement surrounding it.

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