Are brands the new Twitter influencers? #HelloIndia

Saloni Surti
Apr 27, 2015 10:44 IST
Are brands the new Twitter influencers? #HelloIndia
Brands conversing with consumers on social media – meh! Such a cliché! Brands talking to brands – well apparently that’s the new thing. Joining the bandwagon post Amazon, Zomato, Snapdeal and FreeCharge, a slew of brands went ahead to give GAP a warm welcome.

GAP India started a conversation on Twitter with #HelloIndia! We’re coming to you soon. Banking on the opportunity, VH1 and KFC joined the conversation making GAP’s entry a memorable one.



Brands conversing with brands is apparently the new social media phenomenon. What began as influencer marketing has now graduated to a new kind of bromance resulting brands acting as influencers and ambassadors for each other.

When Budweiser entered the conversation, the only creative juice that continued to flow was the beer.

Budweiser Gap

The question is, how long before these trends come out in the open as planned? Will this be the new selfie trend?


screen shots


We do not understand what is in it for KFC, VH1 or Budweiser to welcome GAPIndia on Twitter. Are they the new influencers on social media sites? Is this trend going to be a faux pas?

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