Durex #Connect – an intimacy tip goes viral

Durex #Connect

Durex has questioned the excessive utilization of technology in our lives, specifically talking about couples and their intimacy levels. The brand has touched the lives of millions across the world.

The already viral video has registered attention of 40 million people worldwide and an unprecedented positive response on the message being delivered by the video.

The ‘Durex Connect’ campaign teases viewers with the release of a technological breakthrough, claiming to revolutionize sex lives. 30 tech-savvy couples were chosen from England and were asked questions about role of technology and smartphones in their lives; they were excited to learn of this invention.

The revelation was an existing function in all the smartphones; shockingly amusing and the simplest solution ever to a problem – “The Off Button”.

This research, funded by Durex, examined the impact of technology and smartphones on romance, intimacy and sex for people in long-term relationships.

The success of the campaign extended to a mobile application for couples, which synchronizes their phones to block notifications, calls and messages. Users can predefine the time (usually bedtime) and avoid any kind of distraction or interference to focus on enjoying time together.

Durex sponsored the research on pros and cons of the use of technology, specifically smartphones in the sex life of people, bringing out essential facts about the benefits and frustration involved.

This is an example of a simple idea that can has touched millions.