Will Facebook ultimately dominate the internet – notification changes

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Be ready for additional, mostly unnecessary notifications on Facebook soon. Are users ready for a lengthy list of notifications on a daily basis? Probably, not.

Also, a few of them are aimed at wiping out rivals in that particular space.

For example – like Twitter, notifications on trend stories will now appear on Facebook. In one way, it will keep you well informed and give you an idea for a conversation starter but does this mean less time on Twitter?

Similarly, time hop is like a time capsule that lets you celebrate nostalgia with posts and status updates form the past. Facebook will now have a similar notification.

This latest change will also notify you on nearby restaurants, friends and events, to name a few. It is not enough, that the newsfeed is going through a new algorithm. Hats off to Facebook on winning over people before they can even process these modifications.

Listed below are are some of the notifications, a user could receive-

Birthdays: The reason, so many friendships are still surviving; this notification will update you on all birthdays that you need to know/didn’t need to know.

Life events: Events published by your friends or the ones that took place recently.

Events: It will remind you of the club nights, the book launch event or the latest play. In a way, this notification might just help you make time for the more fun things in life.

Nearby places: If your locations services are on, you will be notified on restaurant and bar updates in your area. The foodie in you can surely rejoice.

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News shared locally: The stories that are making the rounds in your area will now appear as notifications.

Nearby friends: You need to enable this feature if you want an update on this.

With all these amendments, the aims seem clear – ultimate domination in the internet space.

Are we actually ready for this?


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