Facebook gets elephantine with page plugins

It’s time to bid farewell to Facebook’s like box plugin as we make room for a newer alternative – the page plug in.

With an upgrade in the Graph API (V2.3), the like box plug in will turn obsolete as of June 23rd 2015 as announced in the developer’s documentation; the new page plugin will then take over. This option has been designed only for Facebook pages.

Unlike the like button on a Facebook page, the page plugin helps embed any Facebook page that you wish to promote onto other websites. You can also like and share this page without leaving your site. The admin of the concerned page can chose the size of the embed for promotion. A standard embed will usually include the header and cover photo. The page plugin can also be configured to show the posts of the concerned page.

Page Plug in

Page Plug in 2

The page plugin is more rich in terms of cross promoting on social media and on the website; pulls the content feed from Facebook directly on to the widget.

With this new development, there are certain thoughts that come to mind from a consumer’s perspective – one does not have to log in to multiple websites for content (especially, with the big net neutrality debate lurking in India).

This also enhances the look and appeal of the page plugin and gives more space to Facebook.