Facebook enhances trending section

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Facebook enhances trending section
If rumor mills are to be believed, Facebook is all set to upgrade its trending feature with five new pre-defined categories: sports, politics, science and technology, business and entertainment.

Each category will proffer top news from that particular segment. The five new categories will be over and above the top 10 general trends that Facebook displays now.

While Twitter took a more social route with change in its direct messages, Facebook seems to be taking the blogging route with a push to its trending topics. Facebook’s ‘follow’ feature was also a step towards the same route.

Trending made its way on Facebook in 2014 in USA, Canada, U.K., Australia, and India, with an aim to encourage discussions around hot topics. Since then the social media giant has been experimenting with the feature.


If five new trending categories materialize soon, brands will have a lot to benefit from it. Marketers that have been restricting themselves on Facebook due to serious nature of their products and services will now have trends that can be leveraged.

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