Facebook’s InstaSpecs – A wearable technology revolution

Facebook to challenge Google, with the launch of InstaSpecs, in competition with Google glasses. Revolutionizing the wearable technology segment, InstaSpecs promises to offer real life filters.

While we were still reeling from the miracles Google glass can perform, the wearable technology segment has thrown yet another curve ball. According to a tip off by one of our sources, Instagram is slated to launch InstaSpecs.

With the launch of InstaSpecs, Facebook aims to foray in the growing wearable technology segment. While there have been no details on the device’s launch plans, highly placed industry sources have confirmed that InstaSpecs will proffer stiff competition to Google glass.

The information we have recieved suggests that the smart glasses by Instagram will execute all features that the app offers.

Had the InstaSpecs launched a few weeks ago, the Chinese groom who found his bride “ugly” wouldn’t have to drown himself.

Picture this – you are walking down the street with your smart InstaSpecs on. It suddenly gets sunny. Don’t bother fetching your goggles. Instead, add the shade filter; voilà, you now see the world in a different shade.

As appealing as the InstaSpecs sound, the bias of internet giants towards glasses cannot be ignored anymore. What happened to smart devices that were going to help farmers from third world country go social?

Nothing can be said till the glasses are actually launched. Stay tuned to Social Samosa for a review and a very very happy April fools’ day.