Somero – world’s first social media management contest

“The world’s best 40 social media actors are selected and invited to Corsica, they will awarded for the best digital media strategies; a lot of people have grinned at the idea when we came up with it a year ago. I am a social media manager. I live in Corsica and I am proud to know that from June 4th to 7th in Calvi, our new web careers will be highlighted in an exceptional and uncommon setting. For social media managers, come to SoMeRo Contest is an honor, share the obvious, gain an objective: Come, Share, Win!” – Julien Angelini, Co-founder of SoMeRo Contest.

Event rules and regulations

The competition is open to any social media management field, employee or freelance worker.


To participate in the contest, the candidates will have to send an application form including the social practical case they will submit to the jury during the final phase. 40 candidates will be selected to win the title of Master of Buzz.

Simultaneously, 20 international influencers will be selected by SoMeRo to create the event web communication plan. The candidates will compete for the title So-MeRo Influence. This contest will highlight the creativity of the influencers to promote and create a viral campaign for a specific product: SoMeRo.

The competition

The 60 pre-selected candidates will have to make a clear and concise presentation with visual support of their social media strategy, to a jury composed of international professionals during the last phase of the contest in Calvi. The jury will take the live performance in consideration.

• The social media managers will be given 7 minutes to introduce their arguments accompanied by a visual support followed by a 7 minutes to answer questions. The presentation goal is to show in a limited time a realization of a social media strategy, which is proven, or in the making.

Note that the exercise asked is not to convince by presenting only performance indicators but to show the relevance of the global actions to answer the initial need.

• The influencers will be given 5 minutes to show the impact of their action, present significant results and prove their capability to create a buzz in a short period of time.

The aim of this specific contest is to prove the importance of key actors such influencers are to any digital campaign.

From the 4th to the 7th in Calvi, the SoMeRo teams are preparing for during four days, they will experience tradition and modernity the candidates and jury members a fantastic reception: in an exceptional place.


Thanks to our partner Air France, every candidate and jury members will be flown in from their origin country to Calvi at no charge.


Jury members and candidates will be hosted in 4 to 5 stars hotels at no charge as well.

For participating, register here.