Top 10 YouTube ads of 2015 – Gillette, Pidilite, Pepsi, Saavn, Sony, Google+, Lays, Micromax

Quarter 1 of YouTube advertising saw a massive capitalization on the trend of Cricket. UGC around Mauka Mauka garnered a total of ~10M views showcasing the power of YouTube as a platform that can amplify the reach of a campaign through endemic content.

The insight – users love content built around things that they’re passionate about. Understand fans’ passions and create content around them to grab their attention. This could be a hero piece of content or a series of snackable content that’s targeted moments in and around the game that fans care about.


Mauka (India vs Bangladesh) – ICC Cricket World Cup 2015

Boost Cricket Anthem – Hey Champion, Stay Champion

Pepsi – #LiveItAbhi

Ranbir Kapoor + Saavn Cricket – World Cup 2015 Ad – Valentine’s Day


Sony BRAVIA TVC: The Most Colourful Cricket Experience

Google+ Cricket FacePaint

Stumped by Cricket World Cup timings? Don’t Worry, Lay’s is here..Kyunki #YehGameHiHaiTasteKa

Micromax Unite Cricket Anthem 2015