When an actor, a NGO and a food brand came together….

Ranveer Singh’s heart warming act; strong brand backing with Chings and YRF amalgamated with strong viral marketing elements – #IndiaKeHungerKiBajao by Akshaya Patra has it all. But that is not why we suggest you see the campaign.

The campaign commences with Ranveer Singh asking viewers what all can be done in Rs. 750. With answers ranging from movie tickets to two cups of coffee, the video proceeds to signify that this minuscule amount can actually sponsor a child’s meal for an entire year.

Surprised? We were too.

Social media for social change

Do you remember this blood donation television campaign launched by National AIDS Control Organisation a few years ago?

How many of us, actually stuck to the call for action and reached out to NACO to make this happen it?

#IndiaKeHungerKiBajao culminates its piece of communication with a strong call for action on the very same medium in one swing. If the same campaign were released on traditional media such as television, consumers would have had to switch screens to complete the transaction, diluting the message then and there.

Plus, using social media for social change with Ranveer Singh as the face – it creates a brand message that no consumer can escape.

The glam quotient

Casting a digitally active celebrity like Ranveer Singh, not only adds the celebrity quotient, but also adds to the influencer marketing bit.

Singh being active on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter & Instagram becomes the ultimate influencer for the brand.

Brand quotient

The campaign focuses on empowering Akshaya Patra, a NGO that provides mid day meals to young kids. Partnering with Chings and YRF’s Bad Clown Productions gives the project right visibility and brand value to amass as much help globally as possible.

Compelling social grid

India Ke Hunger Ki Bajao has managed to create a very strong social media nexus from day one. All the included parties – Akashaya Patra, Chings and Ranveer Singh used their official social media accounts to push the campaign.

Additionally, #IndiaKeHungerKiBajao and #Rs750SeHungerKiBajao were used to popularise the initiative on social media. #Rs750SeHungerKiBajao was trending on Twitter on the very next day of the campaign launch.

Strong content push

Prior to the release of the campaign, buzz was created in the form of a press release on content portals. Additionally, the initiative was made accessible on Akshaya Patra’s official site through #Project750. Also, an official site for Indian Ke Hunger Ki Bajao was launched – giving users a view for their goal and the number of donations received till date.

#Rs750SeHungerKiBajao is also used to popularise thought-provoking banners across social platforms – highlighting how Rs 750 can change a child’s life.

Are you convinced?

Any campaign’s success is determined on the ROI it receives. So, if the campaign managed to convince you to donate, it definitely is doing something right.

From the social media point of view – content marketing to influencer push, the campaign has ticked all the checkboxes.