A sexual products store shows how not to be vulgar on social media

Karthika Raveendran
May 05, 2015 13:26 IST
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A sexual products store shows how not to be vulgar on social media
Sex, usually a tabooed topic became THE topic of discussion on 30th April 2015 because of #DirtyTalkIn4words, a naughty campaign by, an adult toys portal.

Even though dirty talking on a public platform is unconventional, witty wordplay completely glamorized the campaign.

Who would have thought India would talk dirty with such ease? We didn’t.

This campaign has revealed that people in India have opened up and adapted to a liberal mind set.  They are ready to change the perception around a fragile topic like sex. #DirtyTalk4words is a true testimony to that.

Even brands brought out their kinky side -

A topic, spoken in hushed tones was out there, loud and clear for everyone to hear. Sexual innuendos was key to the success of this campaign. Ofcourse, there were several other factors like choosing the right platform.

Twitter drives conversations while Facebook visually treats its audience; the witty audience on Twitter immediately spread the word. Moreover the campaign panned out beautifully - helping create a strong brand recall, considering the campaign was in tandem with the nature of the brand.

These factors added golden stars to the brand's marketing strategy.

The response was nothing short of phenomenal. Within 45 minutes of the contest, it trended at no.1 in India, an hour later became the most trending topic in the world as claimed by data. The campaign had tweets coming from users, brands, creating over 61 million impressions. It reached out to 34.6 million people with almost 16,000 contributors to the hashtag. Phew! What an ‘explosion’!

However, the thing is, a campaign like this is usually a one time thing (#DirtyTalkin4words).

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