[Event] Melt 2015 – A global approach to new media

MELT 2015, a festival of creativity at the convergence of advertising, digital, media, marketing is packed with seminars, exhibitions, workshops culminating with the Kyoorius Advertising and Digital Awards night on the 2nd day. 


A number of conferences have been planned to understand the nuances of Indian media industry.

HT Osmosis: An interactive conference on creative ideas, innovation and advertising. The conference offers insights into advertising as it exists today and a glimpse into what it could be in the future.

Zee Mindspace:  ZEE MindSpace is a platform designed specifically for the marketing fraternity where like minded people, brainstorm and debate on matters concerning the field of marketing.


Few of the seminars include:

Kinetic Future Citizens – A full-day seminar divided into 4 sessions focused on understanding the consumers of the future – their interests, needs, wants and behaviours.

THiNK BARC India: Critical insights and analysis on measuring content consumption


Digital disruption Digital Disruption and its effect on the world around us with Daniele Fiandaca, Master Class Speaker at Hyper Island.

Zero to Hero: Prototype An Idea Speed up your work in the digital domain – its easier than you think with Alex Lampe, Director at A+B Studio

Building Brand Experiences – Learn how to create amazing brand experiences using the most innovative digital tools with Bo Hellberg, ECD at Brave and HeyHuman

When: May 21st & 22nd 2015

Where: Nehru Centre & Dome@NSCI’s SVP Stadium

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