[Interview] Video marketing for the future with Sameer Pitalwalla, Culture Machine

According to statistics, the chances of a user consuming  piece of information is more when its it video format. Social Samosa gets in conversation with Sameer Pitalwalla, CEO, Culture Machine to understand the future prospects of video content marketing with respect to Intelligence Machine.

What was the core idea behind Intelligence Machine? How will this impact video consumption trends on social media?

There are over 350 hours of content uploaded to youtube per min and over 12 billion views per day that occur across Youtube and Facebook alone. With the advent of video on newer social media platforms, it’s imperative for any brand, content creator or media firm to know what content to create, what trends and talking points to create this around and what are the best content formats that can help the content resonate with that particular community or sub-culture.

Intelligence Machine gives that insight, gleaned through crunching data across billions of videos and data points, that helps make better more relevant content.

Video consumption through Facebook is growing at a rate that it is expected to surpass YouTube numbers soon? How do you plan to accommodate this trend in Intelligence Machine?

We have plans in our road map to be able to integrate across other platforms

How would you convince a brand head to use Intelligence Machine?

We really don’t have to convince a brand head, the idea is to create better content by being able to understand content formats that resonate with that audience. No-one wants to deny the use of data that can help create content which has a higher chance of success.

What kind of a metrics will you be using to measure the performance of the video campaigns?

Reach, engagement and advocacy are the three metrics around which we gauge relevance and health of not just videos but other parameters about the video and the channels it resides in.

Startups are getting big on video marketing these days. Any tips on how can they use Intelligence Machine?

IM can help them draw up the entire creative framework, right from what content to create, what trends and which creators to create it with. Also, it can help measure how their brand is performing, be it a media company, advertiser or content creator, relative to it’s market, and what content they should be creating in order to increase or maintain their position.

How are video consumption trends in India different from what is happening globally? Any learnings that we could use?

Context matters, as video proliferates there are cultural nuances that have emerged. Pretty much every genre is developing a local flavour, with content designed for Indian and regional palettes. International formats are being adapted and mutated to suit indian tastes.

What is the next cool thing expected in the video marketing space on social media? Is Geo targeting through videos an option?

This space will continue to see a lot of innovation, we believe the ability to combine big data and content is able to create a new hybrid of science and art, which will help push the industry forward and find that sweet spot between data and art that is currently missing.