Social media agency feature – BlueAnt Digital Intelligence

BlueAnt Digital Intelligence is a creative mix of designers, illustrators, social media marketers and technology experts, working together to create digital experiences that connect brands to their target audiences.

Who are we?

BlueAnt Digital Intelligence started in 2011 with a vision of working in spaces where people, media and technology interact. While we started by working on making websites and apps more intuitive to use (and better looking), we’ve also experimented with Augmented Reality, responsive art installations,and cross-device HTML5 games. We also work on social media campaigns, right from defining the graphic identity of the campaign to monitoring advertising performance.

What’s in the name?

We named ourselves BlueAnt Digital after the fictional marketing/coolhunting company of the same name from William Gibson’s science-fiction trilogy – Pattern Recognition, Spook Country and Zero History.

What we do?

We specialize in six kinds of services so far:

1. Creating brand identities for organisations, products and ideas;
2. Developing and designing beautiful, intuitive and responsive apps and websites;
3. Creating social media strategies and campaign ideas;
4. Producing and editing videos, including animation and motion graphics;
5. Tracking and analysing web, social media and campaign performance;
6. Coming up with ideas for innovative, interactive designs.

Why we do it?

We’re excited by design, media, technology and the infinite possibilities they offer.
With BlueAnt Digital, we wanted to create a space where each one of us could explore and create whatever we were really passionate about. Transmediastorytelling? Augmented reality experiences? Interactive installations? Nothing makes us happier than working with clients who want to push the envelope. We’re ready to push it right over the edge.

How we evolve?

It’s not difficult for us to identify what it is that truly excites us. When we find something we like, or a project we want to work on, we get together to dissect it and see how it works. Then we figure out how to adapt it to do what we want it to do and take it forward. It’s our own interest in technology that pushes us to evolve.

Social responsibility in social media

Thanks to how connected we are through all our devices, each one of us is perpetually in the public eye. It’s difficult to stay anonymous on the internet anymore, meaning you can’t get away with irresponsible or hateful behavior. It takes seconds to post an update on Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn, but it’s worth your time to spend a few minutes thinking about what you post before you post it.

Need of the hour

The internet and social media have evolved (and are evolving) so rapidly, that no one can say with absolute certainty that they’ve got it all figured out. We talk about creating and implementing laws around social media but is that really the need of the hour when we haven’t even fully understood how it affects the people using it? We need to focus on the impact of social media and technology on people’s lives and behavior before we go into the laws surrounding it.

We learned the hard way

In the last four years we’ve learned how important it is to take a client through the different aspects that make up a campaign or project. It’s imperative, as an agency, that our clients evolve with us and understand our processes and the current state of technology before we introduce new and cutting-edge technology ideas to them. The absence of this shared understanding can be frustrating for both sides.

Did we just share that?

We worked with a client on a project over a period of three months – it was one of the most innovative projects we did. We had a lot of fun working on it with a team member from the client’s side who was in the office most days of the week.
Today that person is a part of team BAD.

They work with us

Clients we’ve worked with include Hero MotoCorp, Reckitt Benckiser, Sony Music, Teamwork Arts, Tech Mahindra Foundation, Viacom18, and Breakthrough. You can see our full list of clients here.

Industry as we foresee

We don’t see social media as an industry on its own. To us, design, technology, and media go hand-in-hand – each one is a different way of expressing an idea. Right now, we can see a tendency towards mobile experiences. Mobile devices have become the primary content creation vehicle with more and more people are using their mobile phones for web-based activities. However, there is still a lack of content tailored for the user. The industry has to step up and start creating content for the individual, available to the individual, tailored to his/her liking and available in his/her language.

A day without Internet

Such a day does not exist.

Lastly, are you hiring?

We don’t have any positions open at the moment, but if you think you have what it takes to be a part of the BAD crew, get in touch here.