Social Media Course Feature: ISB’s open programme in digital marketing

Indian School of Business (ISB) now introduces an open programme in digital marketing as a part of their social media course. 

How did the idea of starting a Digital Marketing Learning Place come to you?

This is where the world is moving towards. ISB has to be present in that space and hence the decision.

According to you, how important is it for a person to take this course?

Traditional marketing is now making way for digital and social media marketing. Individually as well as for corporate this change is important.

How often are the workshops/ Course held?

These workshops are held at least 2 times in a year. We also deliver at locations like Mumbai / Delhi – this depends on the demand.

What is the duration of the Course?

This is a 3 day course.

What is the course curriculum?

The course covers all aspects of social media which includes SEO, SEM, social platforms, strategies to leverage social media marketing platform, fusion marketing.

Who should join the course – students, business owners, brand managers?

The course is targeted at business owners and brand managers.

What platforms do you cover?

Twitter, facebook, blogs, Myspace, linkedin, Google+, Wiki, RSS, Livecast.

Do you have different courses for different platforms? Can you shed some light on it?

For further details, please visit here.

What are the eligibility criteria?

Working professionals with minimum 5 years of work experience. Either they are handling digital / mobile / social media marketing strategies for their company or they are about to move into that role.

Can you brief us on the Faculty profile?

Lon is the founder of 14 successful companies, including Paper Models, Inc., which developed Three-Dimensional Internet Advertising and Virtual-Electronic-Retailing “V-E-Tailing” for business, promotions, and education, for which Lon holds three United States Patents.

Type of Courses – Individual, group, corporate?

Please visit here.

Can you share some testimonials?

“A well planned and thought out programme. I really appreciate organising a programme of this kind, which is one of the most happening and upcoming field, i.e. digital and social media” Amit Seth, Manager Digital Media, Forbes Marshall Pvt. Ltd.

How much does the Course cost for: a) Individuals and b) Corporates?

INR 75000 + tax at applicable rates.

Where are the Courses held?

Indian School of Business (IBS), Hyderabad campus.

Contact details

Sheetal , Marketing Services , ISB-CEE 040-2300 7041/42