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Social Samosa Platform Feature – Dilbole
When window shopping went online! Dilbole, a product bookmarking tool helps users showcase their sense of style.

About the Platform.

Dilbole is a product bookmarking tool to showcase and discover style. Dilbole provides a platform to showcase one’s own style through product collections and follow people with inspiring styles. Dilbole is the brain child of Khaleel an Ex-Amazon, NITW guy with a decade of experience at many eCom majors in Indian and the US. Kiran from BITS has co-founded Dilbole along with Khaleel.

Whom do we cater to?

All the 80 million online window shoppers of India. Anyone who goes online looking for products is a Dilbole target customer.

What do we offer to our consumers?

Pain: People care about what they buy and own. These possessions represents their style. There is no platform to showcase style. Currently people use Facebook, Instagram and pinterest to a certain extent. But none of these networks are built around showcasing style and products. Discovering cool products, brands and stores is getting increasingly tough in this vast forest of products on the internet. Many small and good stores cannot compete with the big guys in the discovery game.

Solution: Dilbole allows its users to curate products and create collections from 25,000+ online stores across the globe. Through these collections users express their style to the world. Users follow other people with inspiring styles. Users engage in rich discussion around products and collections. Dilbole creates a rich shopping network around people, products, brands and stores. This kicks in the social discovery of cool products, brands, stores and people.

What motivated us to start up?

As khaleel says there are two reasons which triggered Dilbole:

1. The first is my personal frustration window shopping online. Online shopping is a lot of convenience, but it misses the social juice of the traditional shopping. We want to make online shopping more social.

2. The second is the mammoth opportunity in improving the marketing funnel for brands. Being in the eRetails domain for about a decade I clearly know that the current marketing funnel is very inefficient. Brands just barge their ideas into people, the feedback loop is weak. I want to reverse this process with technology.

What's in a name?

Shopping is more about emotion than the product itself. We wanted to provide a platform for that emotional aspect of shopping. That’s is the reason we picked up dilbole – The Heart Says.

How do we see Social Media?

Even after the social revolution in the last decade owing to the new technological advancement we feel that the current social media is still juvenile. There are lots of aspects of one’s life which cannot be captured properly on the current social media solutions. One such aspect is shopping, that’s the reason Dilbole is here.

Currently we are....

We are a lean startup with 4 people team working from last 8 months. We are glad to be able to serve 0.5 million shopaholics till date. We have around 20,000 hardcore shoppers on our community. Since the launch or our mobile app we have seen 150% MOM growth. We have around 2,00,000 products curated by our community. In short we are the favorite hangout spot of shoppers.

Our biggest challenge was..

The most interesting challenges for us is reaching right people and hiring the right ones.

We want to dominate the world by..

We are going to be THE platform for shoppers to showcase their style and engage in product centric discussions. We are going to be the biggest platform in India for brand and product promotions.

We’re making moolah by...

The rich shopping networks give a great deal of insight into the shopping behaviors of people. We monetize this data. We get into partnerships with brands for featured and targeted promotions. We charge an affiliate fee for the sales that happen through us.

Our What The **** Moment

Definitely our first investor meeting.

Industry as we foresee

Social shopping as we put is converting likes to buys. It constitutes of 3% of the total US online shopping chunk and believe me it’s just the start. The social shopping market is worth 30 Billion $ world wide and 11.5 Billion $ in Asia. We are very bullish about the market we operate in.

Lastly, Are you hiring?

A big yes. We are looking out for a marketing guru who can join our founding team to reach the next milestone. Anyone who has been in consumer marketing space especially app marketing would be a great fit for us. We are always on a hunt for content experts. If you have a flair for shopping and fashion you can’t say not to this position at Dilbole. Interested people can apply @

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