Social Media Agency Feature – D-Crypt

Who are we?

D-Crypt is a digitally obsessed startup incepted in the year 2014. Everything then & till now is about passion and madness for representing brands with fresh content on the digital front.

Founded by Aastha Singla, a very passionate digital enthusiast who wanted craft the digital reflection of brands online. A Multimedia graduate herself, she believes in setting goals and making all the efforts to carve a niche for D-Crypt.

It started with just one person with a dream to achieve big and we have now grown into a team of 30.
What’s in the name?

The color turquoise in our logo means open communication and clarity of thoughts, which is a crucial part of social media marketing. While the name D-Crypt means giving online/digital solutions (decoding problems) to various brands.

What we do?

We believe in providing the right digital mix to our clients. For which we are focused on providing everything in the digital arena like social media marketing, web design and development, SEO, SEM, media planning and buying, email marketing, 2D animation videos, online reputation management, mobile marketing, presentation template designs and everything that’s online.

Apart from the services that we offer, our core skill lies in developing dynamic and thoughtful creatives. This helps us get the much desired engagement for our clients on the online front.

Why we do it?

Because we crave digital! We want to be the one setting digital trends online, rather than just being onlookers. With the recent shift of advertising trends due to customer’s adaptation to ever growing digital technology and social media networks, it’s essential for all brands to be present online. It’s a revolution of digital media in India, and we want to be a part of this revolution.

How we evolve?

Case studies! Reading and discussing case studies is a crucial part of D-Crypt’s team. Latest campaigns are frequently discussed here. Apart from this, we believe in learning from the experts around the world. So, if there is an upcoming webinar about Digital/innovations or creativity, it’s definitely being viewed at D-Crypt.

Social responsibility in social media

We believe in doing the right thing for the right audience with the right content. For brands, social media is a medium for connecting with their customers in a responsible way, as there are thousands of people looking up to the brand. We take it as our responsibility to deliver the right message across the platforms.

Need of the hour

Not to misuse the medium! Being transparent and open platforms, also carry some disadvantages. It is essential to use these platforms as a way to spread information or awareness but not false content. Though there is no such law drafted for this yet, we take extra care about the information we deliver to the world.

We learned the hard way

Strategy and planning are everything. Having ideas is brilliant, but if you do not have a strategy in place, the most amazing ideas are of zero impact.

Did we just share that?

Every client is an experience for us.

But when the time comes to explain them, that social media is not just about ”ek facebook page banado humare liye”, you can imagine the conversation.

They work with us

We are always up for something new and interesting. Hence, we have taken up the challenge of changing online user’s perception about many government bodies of India. We work with some prestigious names like MTNL, Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation, Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust, Bank of India, LIC Mutual Fund and similar.

Apart from these, we have done different projects with some super interesting clients:

1) Cycle 2 work – an initiative to support pollution-free Mumbai

2) Nuclear Friends Foundation – a body supporting nuclear energy in India

Industry as we foresee

We all are aware of the growing trends in social media. We are looking at a boom of internet technologies in the near future. There might be many upcoming social media platforms to serve the needs of the audience. Social media will become the core of advertising in India even while targeting the rural India, through this a major change will be seen in the reach of social media and its engagement. Though India might be at par with other countries when it comes to social media, we should not forget that the majority of Indian audience still comes under the rural India domain. Once we penetrate that market, there is nothing to stop the digital boom in India.

A day without Internet

A day without internet is filled with day dreaming about lots of weird ideas that can be possibly executed. Or else, doodling is our all time favorite thing to do. But nope, it’s difficult to breathe without the internet. True story!

Lastly, are you hiring?