Social Media Agency Feature – SoLoMo Media

Who are we?

We are a bunch of professionals who never really got out of learning mode! At least that’s how we really feel about ourselves. Solomo Media was started with an aim to provide a campus like environment, where anybody could take the lead, and where nobody was anybody’s boss all the while giving high performance and breaking industry stereotypes.

What’s in the name?

Often times, a delicious recipe is an amalgamation of different ingredients, added just in perfect amounts. Well, that’s how we decided on the name. SoLoMo- is a sauce of SOcial + LOcation + MObile, the three futuristic ingredients of digital.

What we do?

Whether it’s creating digital products or just designing it, whether it’s engaging with the audiences or just marketing to them, we do it all.

The complete deck of services that we offer are-

Social Media Management
Creative & Interactive Design
Product Development
Digital Marketing

Why we do it?

We can give you some blathering reasons that may include some jargons thrown in here and there. But for us, we breathe social, sleep social and live social. That’s what really defines our prowess. And though we confess, it has something to do with passion, we pretty much live for this exciting new media.
P.S.: The fact that digital technology can add $101 billion to India’s GDP by 2020 does help as well!

How we evolve?

We started small, but our transitions have been rapid. From a team of 2 co-founders to a full blown social media agency of 30 in under 2 years, it’s been a hell of a ride! We’ve always been fascinated by the platforms and so we love to keep up with what’s trending. We translate that for our clients and our audiences promptly give us the feedback. For us, the mantra to stay relevant has been our ability to move fast, adapt to changes and deliver.

Social responsibility in social media

Be honest and keep learning. While we are creating interesting content, launching campaigns for our clients we ensure that we draw the line between humor and vulgarity, making a point without getting personal and so on. Our hiring process helps us hire “adults” who can take the pressure of an agency and be collaborative.
As for being responsible for the industry, you should check out our blog, where we try to contribute to the knowledge bucket of the industry as a whole.

Need of the hour

Social networking laws are not properly drafted yet. But we were never the men (or women)of law. Internet is a wonderful open space and social media has given a voice to every individual. We do not believe that any laws or constraints need to be present to limit an individual’s freedom online. In the recent #NetNeutrality campaign, Solomo Media firmly stood with free internet and its usage.

But with great powers come great responsibilities and we believe that people must understand when it’s wrong to use social media to cause pain, panic and disharmony in the society.

We learned the hard way

Saying “No” is ok.
Relationships are important.
Don’t just do good work, talk about it.
Innovation and excellence are not serendipitous things, they happen by design and effort.
Hustle. Hustle. Hustle.

Did we just share that?

Well, most days, we hunt down our clients for feedbacks and approvals. Most of them are gracious enough to accept our bickering and give us their views. But once in a while the constant chase does lead to some interesting outcomes.

One fine day, one of our team leads was following up with a client and all she could come up with was, ‘Ap chahte kya ho mujhse’. Though the poor fellow kept a straight face, it has become an internal joke. The team members regularly use this phrase and come up with this on many different situations!

They work with us

One of the most enjoyable part of working at Solomo Media is that we work with clients across industries. We work with some amazing clients-

Videocon Mobile Phones
Action Shoes
RICS School of Built Environment, Amity University
Dr. Lal Path Labs
Country Homes
Sargam Electronics

Industry as we foresee

We’ve all been hearing how social media is the next big thing. But now it’s not just about being the next big thing, because the way social media has started to impact our lives today is beyond anybody’s imagination. From influencing election results to making a movement popular within days and sometimes even hours, social media has made it big today. But for the coming years, social media is going to be present everywhere.

A day without Internet

You might find some people withering in pain! Not literally, but well, you get the idea.

Lastly, are you hiring?