#DontBeHorny – Social media for radio still a redheaded step child?

With news not yet allowed on radio, Red FM deals with the content deficit, in its new social responsibility oriented campaign – #DontBeHorny. Converting Red FM’s on air reach into online adhesion, the campaign’s hits and misses catalyse the metrics of social media for radio.

Addressing noise pollution, #DontBeHorny emboldens listeners to give up on their honking habits. With assistance from Mumbai Police, Red FM has managed to create a ripple effect in the city with #DontBeHorny hoardings.

Tethering the campaign to its next visual ally – social media, Red FM coaxes users to snap pictures of the hoarding and share their successful no honking feat online.

A passive aggressive approach

A simple play of words intertwined with social responsibility of tapering noise pollution in the city works as the apt conversation starter. In addition to leveraging the RJ’s influencer position, Red FM has had tinsel town dominators such as Amitabh Bachchan and Varun Dhawan speak about the subject. 

Also, in continuity to the radio broadcaster’s previous campaigns around the situations of potholes and water logging, #DontBeHorny synonymises Red FM as a navigator using strong movement marketing fundamentals.

The flip side

Smart play of words, agile outdoor push and spot on content promotion unfurl the length of the topic. Nonetheless, strength goes uncelebrated as social media once again emerges as a supporting medium.

According to data by Topsy, #DontBeHorny has received 472 tweets in the last 7 days. Red FM also created content with Big B, which however has received less than a 100 views so far. On Facebook too, #DontBeHorny’s conversations are limited around the radio station’s official page, RJs and largely Red FM listeners who are driving the traction online.

Rajat Uppal, National Marketing Head – Red FM informed Social Samosa that they believe in organic reach of content and hence no added push has been given to the content.

However, the extensive potential of the topic could have been taken to an all new level with social first conversations.

Diluted content marketing approach

Content marketing is the new big data – a term loved and loathed alike, but never ignored. #DontBeHorny manages to extend its offline content properties online. Nonetheless, its online content stretch is limited to press release coverage on publications.

If translating offline assets into online conversation was the sole objective, #DontBeHorny has managed to hit the bull’s eye. But, with a topic as strong as this, Red FM could not create enough noise on social media. Irony indeed.

Global Perspective 

For instance, a gasoline brand launched #honkaholism to highlight how obsessive honking can actually be psychological. To help consumers deal with this, the brand launched an online social game (in addition to traditional marketing), empowering users to give their loved ones a honkervention to help them deal with their honking problem.

Hope to see such innovations in the coming phases of #DontBeHorny.