Social Media Agency Feature – Techdivine Creative Services

Who are we?

Techdivine Creative Services was founded on March 2nd, 2010 by Mr. Ananthanarayanan V, Founder & CEO. It is a full service digital marketing & social media agency based in Mumbai. We have catered to 34 + brands across 18 industries in 5 countries (India, USA, UK, UAE, Australia) so far, since our inception. We are a team of 12 professionals, specialized in the field of design, SEO, development, social media, brand marketing with consumer research insights.

What’s in the name?

Techdivine, our registered brand stands for technology-development-innovation and we also have another registered brand under the name of “Your SMQ – Social Media Quotient” which is our flagship brand, delivering social media ROI campaigns with digital consumer research insights designed under our company’s tagline of ‘Humanize your brand’.

What we do?

– Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

– ROI and leads based Social Media Optimization

– Emailers

– Viral Marketing

– Brand Monitoring

– Social Media Influence

– Online Press Release

– social media contests

– geo target marketing campaigns


– content marketing & creative writing

– custom website designs

Why we do it?

As an agency we believe that every corporate brand today needs to HUMANIZE their brands and connect with the customer within. And we intend to keep innovating & improvising to make our client’s brand experiences and their customer’s value-add experience better each and every day.

How we evolve?

Our company’s learning process is defined by the concept, “the learning curve never ends” and we ensure to add newer services coupled with better management practices that will enhance the lives of our team members, clients and their customers by delivering marketing ideas and strategies that are user-friendly and truly a value-add.

We were among the very early adopters of “telecommute” options for our team members who are professionals delivering specialized services. This has saved time in terms of approximately 40 hours in travel per month for our staff and resulted in increase in our company’s productivity by 25% in the past 2 years and at the same time reduced the operational costs to a great extent too, the benefit which we have passed down to our clients thereby reducing their costs by 15-20%.

Over the past five years, we have evolved from 3 services to over 15 different services each specialized with an idea to sincerely provide customized service experiences for our client brand partners.

Social responsibility in social media

We are very rigid when it comes to ‘social responsibility’. We love when our team members tweet & share live updates, but we ensure to keep all our client’s information confidential at all times. We even conduct a 2-3 day workshop or seminar in cases of certain clients to inform and educate them better about “the do’s and don’ts when online wrt social-etiquettes”.

Our CEO’s quote on this – “Social media today is an integral part of our lives and routine. But as much as we pay heed to our client’s messages and our competitor’s posts online, we need to also ensure that we listen to our own brands tone and voice online from time to time too”.

Need of the hour

We have an in-house ‘social media corporate policy which we also share with our clients who request the same. It has a list of 9 points under it. The core three are as mentioned below:

  • Never share any contact information of any individual or brand online unless this contact information is meant for public viewing.
  • Never say or do anything online which you would not want to share or do in front of your clients. Your clients are your family. Extend them the same respect and courtesy that you would, to your own family and friends.
  • Anything that is said online forever stays online. In life & in the world of social media, there is no ‘actual or real’ undo button.

We learned the hard way

When we started in 2010, all we wanted to do was work with professionals in corporate to grow our business and brand by delivering extremely innovative and professional services. So we signed up with everyone who wanted our services. Who wouldn’t? We never drew a line or learnt to say NO. We learnt it the hard way. We learnt that as an agency, the core is to first understand that ‘the most important thing is to ensure that the brands and the teams we work with and our team has the same wavelength’.

It not only ensures smooth targets delivered with deadlines but makes the complete experience very enjoyable for everyone involved in the process. Today we work with brands and professionals who are really passionate about their company or brands.

People can have different vision and goals but when you work as a brand and with our esteemed prestigious client brands, the goals and deliverables are one and very vivid. Businesses come and go, but relationships, that lasts for a lifetime.

Did we just share that?

We had a social media marketing policy and guideline in place since the very first day (which has undergone lots of changes, of course over the years) but, that ensured the functions were really smooth and rigidly followed in a disciplined manner when sharing content online right from day one.

Industry as we foresee

Digital marketing and social media have tremendous potential in the coming years in India. This is, keeping into account that the agencies and brands empowering their business with these new age media tools will ensure responsible use.

As a brand or as an individual consumer too, digital is not an option anymore, it is a way of life.

A day without Internet

A day without information or learning.

Lastly, are you hiring?