#WhatTheBlack, BlogAdda's Blogger outreach campaign

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#WhatTheBlack, BlogAdda's Blogger outreach campaign
This year at IDMA, Colgate India will walk away with their head held high as their innovative #WhatTheBlack campaign won a grand silver in the best use of blogs category.

Indian Digital Media Awards (IDMA) 2015 aims to acknowledgecelebrate and encourage incredible work done across marketing and advertising activities in the digital space. It specifically deals with mobile, social media, internet, and gaming.


#WhatTheBlack, by BlogAdda was a result of Colgate’s launch of its charcoal infused toothbrush.

During the four day campaign, the intention was to play around the colour black, to keep everyone guessing about Colgate India’s latest product. Bloggers were sent items in black, for example black egg, black newspaper, black paper cups, tissues, etc to build curiosity about a product that was to come.

Simultaneously, BlogAdda also carried out a blogging contest where the registered bloggers could blog about a wish-list of 5 items in black.The bloggers could also sign up for #WhatTheBlack if they wished to unearth Colgate India latest product.

This campaign brought together a combination of online influencers and bloggers from BlogAdda that created massive curiosity online.

What stood out in the campaign was usage of blogs to create conversation about a brand, indirectly. The blog posts helped create a unique association with black which then made a black coloured toothbrush acceptable.

Apart from conversing, encouraging bloggers to participate widened the scope of this campaign. And in addition to these bloggers, thousands of online users participated in a guessing game on what this product could be and which brand is doing this campaign. The audience for blog posts became the audience for the campaign, thus multiplying the curiosity many fold.

Why are blogs slowly becoming a coveted platform for campaigns?

It helps magnify the scale of the campaign as the audience for the blogs adds to already existing social media audience.

Bloggers seem to increasingly influence a consumer’s decision, due to the high credibility attached to their blog posts. Bloggers being people among us generates a high relatability quotient which is what wins them an audience in the first place.

It’s also a unique form of content marketing, to converse about brands without advertising them directly.

It’s possible to measure ROI on campaigns that involve a blogger based approach.

Blogadda is one of the pioneers in blogger outreach space and has been rolling out innovative campaigns. Looking at what they made happen for Colgate India, brands can take leaf of their book and aim at integrating bloggers based activities as part of their digital marketing strategy.

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