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Social Samosa Agency Feature - Whacked Out Media

Who are we?

We are Whacked Out Media, a digital media, and content company and also now proudly one of Asia’s largest and most wide-spread YouTube Multi-Channel networks! We are basically into publishing content over New Media (web and mobile) and audience development. We started in 2009 as an MVAS (Mobile Value Added Services) agency and then gradually got into online publishing as well.

We have tons of fun working with content creators, movies, celebrities, content owners, animation companies, TV channels, short film-makers, and talent. We not only publish content online but also produce our own shows!

What's in the name?

The name was picked to be different and yet define the kind of company we wanted to be - we’re unconventional, passionate and are surely here to make our mark!

What do we do?

We are basically into – publishing content online (YouTube and many other platforms), YouTube optimization, digital Image management for celebrities, movie promotions, brand building on digital platforms for brands, audience development for brands, production & promotion of branded content, MVAS distribution and we even consult brands, start-ups and eComm businesses on their media strategy.

Why we do it?

Digital is the future. Whacked Out was one of the initial players in a digital distribution industry and we’ve always believed in an endless potential of the internet when compared to traditional formats. Today, we’re proud to have built an ecosystem where content, distribution platforms and technology are optimized to deliver content to interested audiences through their choice of device, platform or monetary model.

How we evolve?

Digital media is always on a constant change. We always adapt our strategies as per the current formats, trends & topics based on the consumption. The key is to ideate a new strategy for each project/client depending on the goals you have set for them. We never depend on the same old strategy to work for every client each time.

Social responsibility in social media

During any natural calamity, socio-economic grievances, political awareness campaigns, etc… we encouraged all our partners (be it celebrities or brands etc.) to communicate with integrity with their respective communities. We’ve seen the internet community coming together at such times.

Need of the hour

The internet, the whole new world that it is, is ultimately just a community made of real people. And because people have the veil of the computer screen or their smartphone, internet users often forget that fact. From hate messages to race wars, we see semblances of inhumanity in the way people have chosen to communicate. Although we believe in the freedom of expression, the need of the hour would be to regulate internet laws so that there are some regulations of violent, hateful and abusive messages. This is not to curb someone’s freedom but more about regulating inappropriate behavior and attitude. It’s about being Human in the way we communicate.

We learned the hard way

Till some time ago, we only applied technology to service our clients and partners. We learned the hard way that it is vital to build our own technology (software and applications) for automating some of the processes that our industry practices. This understanding has helped us scale our company rapidly in recent times.

Did we just share that?

Wished Independence Day on Republic Day. It was surprising how so many of us missed that! It was embarrassing to see all the comments, but we did not remove the post, rather replied to each and every comment - the community took it in good humor and it actually helped get us some traction!

They work with us

Kajal Aggarwal, Ram Charan, Jayam Ravi, Jr. NTR, Taapsee Pannu are some of the celebs that we manage. We have partnered with production houses like DQ Entertainment, Rockline Entertainments, Dil Raju Productions, AP International, and traditional Media Houses like India Today, ABN Andhra Jyothy, TV5 and many more

Industry as we foresee

The Internet penetration is exponentially increasing as corresponding bandwidth costs get cheaper. We foresee a day when the internet is free for all. For the industry, this means an explosion in consumption.

A day without Internet

Being connected now is like breathing. What would a day without Internet be like?

Lastly, are you hiring?

Yes, we are.

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