Hack my Snapchat account - no more

Sukaina Meghani
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Hack my Snapchat account - no more
Snapchat or otherwise known as the ‘disappearing-messaging-app’ has come up with new security updates which lock out iPhone jailbreakers and people using an out-of-date version of Snapchat.

With the increasing number of new updates, the number of hackers and users who disrupted the app increased too.

Snapchat had been trying to block these third-party users for a long time and finally has now come up with promising security updates. Earlier this year, Snapchat also introduced a two-factor authentication like Facebook and Instagram making it very difficult for someone to hack into some other user’s account.

Users with jailbreak iPhones cannot access the app and are locked out along with people who have an out-of-date and downgraded versions of Snapchat. Nevertheless, after uninstalling the plugins, these users can send a request on Snapchat’s website to help them unlock themselves.

Around 1M messages are sent daily from this quick photo-sharing app, last year in July, Snapchat introduced geo- filters wherein sticker of the city the user was could be used in the snap based on the location. This year, it introduced other features like Geolocation, sponsored geo-filters and many other creative stickers for the users.

There have been innumerable approaches taken by Snapchat to secure itself from disruption. It is almost impossible for someone to mess with Snapchat's system after these updates.

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