9 Hashtags bans that prove Instagram is sexist

Sukaina Meghani
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9 Hashtags bans that prove Instagram is sexist
Instagram previously known as a photo-sharing app is now gaining more attention for its conservative parent behavior. It banned #Curvy lately, nonetheless, this isn't the only word that is not allowed to be used on the app. Yes, we are surprised too.



Instagram probably could not manage the curves women were throwing around and, therefore, decided to ban it. Fortunately, you can still use #voluptuous, #BringCurvyBack and also #curvee



You can no longer get high on Instagram since, it is officially banned to use the word #Weed


Everyone wants to be popular on Instagram hence the overuse of the word, #Popular seems to be getting unpopular now.



Basically, pictures from amateur iPhone photographers. Can you imagine not finding this on Instagram anymore?



NO. YOU JUST CANNOT LET ANYONE KNOW YOU OWN LINGERIE. It is against the rules of our favorite photo-sharing app.




I am sexy and only I can know it. You're #Dumb but you can show it.




Because banning #Curvy, #Lingerie, and #Sexy wasn't enough but in other news, you can still use #ManBoobs



Now all the budding photographers will have to get a little creative and look for synonyms because #Photograhy is also banned. Shocking? I know right.



Good news, #UpperWear is not banned. Yet.


We have also compiled a list of hashtags that probably need to be banned; #InstaLikes, #Obese, #Hashtag and also, #LikeforLike.

Social media is a place where people can be themselves, restricting them to not use certain words may prove to work against these platforms.

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