Snapchat trying to bring ‘Discover’ back from the dead?

Sukaina Meghani
New Update
Snapchat trying to bring ‘Discover’ back from the dead?
After its biggest updates released earlier this month, Snapchat has modified its layout by enhancing the visibility of its 'Discover' segment. The curated content feed is now placed above the 'Friend's' section.

This is done to boost user interest and make stories more accessible while pushing advertisement revenues. This change will definitely get more attention and is most likely aimed to get additional viewership.

On this new update, Snapchat's spokesperson commented, 'Discover is a platform for publishers to tell great stories. Since we launched, we have been experimenting and learning what content works well. We’re very excited about where we are today and making Discover accessible on our Stories page feels like a natural fit.'

The Discover section was introduced earlier this year along with 11 media partners namely; CNN, MTV, Cosmopolitan, Daily Mail, Bleacher report, Food network, National geographic, People, Vice, Yahoo! And Fusion.

For now the update is available only for iOS users; it will be rolled out for Android users in the coming weeks.

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