It’s time to make the first move

Ever been through the phase where you couldn’t tell a person how much you liked them? Been there, done that, right?

Being Indian helps young college goers in brushing their skills on making the first move. In a vox-pop style, the YouTube video picks the essence of making the first move, straight from the millennial generation. Social Samosa takes a dig at the big move; the secret is finally out.

The big question every guy out there looking an answer for:

What is the one thing that girls look for in a guy?

Every girl looks for three things – confidence, confidence and confidence. It is important for the guy to understand that being confident doesn’t always have to go with arrogance, physical strength or being cocky but by being playful, witty and a cheerful person.

But how does one apply this in the virtual world; where taking a first move is even difficult.

Three takeaways from the video

The shy card belongs to girls

Most girls want the guy to make the first move. The guy should follow this thumb rule, ‘better late than never; never late is even better’ Let the girl know you like her. And for the girls; cut some slack and stop dropping subtle hints, just go out there and declare what you feel.

In the social world, begin by dropping in subtle smart comments on her status updates or liking a random image that she shared. Yes, it counts.

Be Confident; not over-confident.

As the saying goes, ‘Confidence is sexy, cockiness is not’. As challenging as it is, it has got to be a one MAN show– literally! The confidence pass will leave a good impression on the girl no matter how unsure he is. Nonetheless, confidence only goes well with respect.

Send a friend request. Yes, it’s time, go beyond social stalking. Like a picture or two but make sure that you don’t spam.

The world is your playground

Remember the Close up ad – paas aao, paas aao paas aao na! Don’t restrict yourself to the existing social circle. Go out to parties, meet friends of friends – never stop connecting; neither offline nor offline.

Of course don’t be a creepy stalker, but hey, a healthy conversation via Tinder or Facebook can always be a good way to make the first move. And if meeting organically is on your mind, give a missed call at 1800 120 6525 and get invited to Close Up fresher’s party.

If this isn’t inspiration enough, take a look at the video created by Culture Machine and Being India – ideas are bound to come flying in.


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