Turkish Airlines takes off on its first 'Periscope' journey

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Periscope flight journey
Turkish Airlines created first of it kind live streaming of a flight journey from Istanbul to New York on Periscope. The live broadcast gave their social fans an exclusive 'behind the scene' sneak peek.

The aim was to engage with their social fans on a level, not explored before; giving their fan, exclusive scoop in an interactive manner.

The ultimate flight 

The live broadcast began at Crew garden, the airport lounge where the pilots and the flight attendants were preparing for the journey ahead. The broadcast took off on a great start with about 7k likes on the live streaming and about 900 replay views.

When the crew boarded, the likes and views - live and replay observed a considerable spurt. The broadcast gave the viewers a rare glimpse of the cockpit.

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When the journey began, the broadcast continued with the flight attendants interacting with the viewers. On asking about the crew rest rooms, the telecast also gave the viewers a peek of the rooms which are usually not accessible to passengers. All of the video streaming took place mid-air giving the users a 'live' feeling.

Turkish Airlines

Users were asked to guess where they were when the broadcast gave them a glimpse of the arrival airport. The live streaming ended after the crew signed off, live from New York.

Reaching the destination 

The 'Periscope' flight journey garnered 5K+ followers and the likes totalled to about 2 lakhs at the end of the broadcast. Turkish Airlines also became the first to live stream a flight journey for its viewers.

Here is a video of the flight's live broadcasted flight from Istanbul to New York.

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