Creating a larger brand identity with right associations

Karthika Raveendran
New Update
Berger feeds on social media are usually great updates on the latest colour trends and décor styles. When Pixels came along, Berger decided to play with colour differently.

Berger Paints came together with the movie to give their viewers a chance to win couple tickets to experience colours in a unique way.

For this campaign, contests were hosted on Twitter and the promotional activity was carried out on Facebook.  The users had to participate in contests that spanned across 5 days. 10 couple tickets were given out daily at the end of the contest. 5 different hashtags combining Berger and Pixels were created for each day.

The first contest #BergerPixelTrivia asked tricky questions about the movie and Berger Paints.

The second contest, #BergerJumbledPixels shared a jumbled word of the characters in Pixels.

#BergerJumbledPixels and #LetsWatchPixels were received well on Berger’s social media platforms, adding a large number of followers to Berger’s Twitter account.

3 new additional contests, #BergerHiddenPixels, #ThingsILikeToEasyClean and #LetsWatchPixels, were also played out during the campaign.

Berger Paints added 500 followers to its Twitter account during the campaign period that lasted for 5 days. It achieved impressions close to 6.3m. The total number of unique reach achieved on Twitter was close to 321.2k. Brand mentions during the 5 day campaign period were over 2300.

A simple play of colours with the right association, managed to get Berger go beyond its brand identity, creating a wider reach.

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