Events on Facebook to look visually appealing

Sukaina Meghani
Aug 19, 2015 07:07 IST
Facebook has decided to make personalized events more attractive by adding cover art themes to be used as a feature image. The illustrations are made for Facebook to make birthday invites and other events more captivating.

Instead of uploading a picture, the group admin can now also choose from the illustrations given. There are going to be about 36 photo themes; these categories will include, holiday, party, travel, seasons, food and drink.

The core objective of this change is to increase the number of people utilizing Facebook’s events’ feature. The better it looks, more people will try using it and invite even more. With the ever-increasing number of Facebook users, the growth on Facebook has even more scope. For a long time, events on Facebook have been a simple web-invite feature.

Events have been divided into two parts now - Public and Private. Public events will now have a larger header image and will be presented and promoted in different ways. For Facebook mobile users, these features will be available for Andriod users first followed by iOS users.

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