Make some place for Facebook bloggers


Facebook launched its blogging feature in 2006, but hasn’t been as popular as other blogging websites. In recent news, Facebook is testing out new features to make their notes easier to use for Facebookers.

“Started from the bottom, now we’re here” – Facebook can actually claim that now. They are redesigning their ‘Notes’ feature on their platform that will be easier to use and similar to Medium. It will now have an option to add a feature image on the top of the post and they have also adopted Serif fonts for the whole process.

This new update will be easier to use on the mobile app and since Facebook already has a huge audience, there may be people who are waiting to share their thoughts. The update is still ‘under construction’ but will be out soon and Facebook bloggers will soon be a distinguishable term.

People no longer use the ‘notes’ feature on Facebook; these updates will play a very important role in brining about a change.


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