Vloggers let Facebook off the hook after a good whinge via blog post

Sukaina Meghani
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Vloggers let Facebook off the hook after a good whinge via blog post
Hank Green, an internetprenuer had an opinion about Facebook’s sharing mechanism which led to a rave on social media about vloggers.

A very popular YouTube sensation with about 2.6 Million subscribers, Hank Green on his blog post, stated that Facebook lies, cheats and steals. Many Vloggers seemed to support him and agree with him as he had reasons for all the acquisitions.

According to Green, YouTube gives its video creator an authority and ownership right while on the other hand Facebook does not. Any video on YouTube has to be watched for at least 30 seconds in order to account it as one view; Facebook has kept it to a minimum 3-second.

Many people have been discussing this issue on Twitter for almost a year now. YouTubers, Vloggers and other artists wanted credit for their work and not just thousand of views.

Damage control by Facebook was done almost immediately by Matt Pakes, Facebook’s product manager. He tried defending Facebook by replying to Hank Green on his blog post and has promised to improve their publishing tools and user experiences in order.

Not only did Hank Green share his post on Twitter but also provided details of how many times the blog post was viewed and also showed how Facebook was on the top of the list.

The number of videos uploaded on Facebook surpassed YouTube in 2014; since then the two giants have been on loggerheads on the video front. Can this accusation prove to be a setback for Facebook's otherwise strong reach?

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