When girls are free, they can change the world #PitchToHer

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Child marriage is an evil that has been shackling the Indian subcontinent for decades now. YUWA, an NGO in Jharkhand - an area where girls get married at the tender age of 13-14 is giving underprivileged young girls an opportunity to dream big by introducing them to developing tech-world in India.

The latest campaign by the NGO seems to be doing well and has been changing lives of many girls in rural Jharkhand.

Global IT giant, Lenovo and YUWA together came up with a life changing idea and kick-started their dream journey with their campaign #PitchToHer, inviting people to share their ideas that will bring about change. The ideas will be judged by the YUWA girls and the winners will be offered a sponsored internship in Hutup. Recently, Intel has collaborated with Lenovo for their #PitchToHer initiative. 


YUWA girls in that region are creating an app that helps in preventing child marriage thereby, saving young girls from getting spun around the threads of responsibilities. The organization has about 250 female football players under their banner presently.

Got what it takes to impress the YUWA girls? #PitchToHer. Get a Lenovo YUWA internship. Visit

— Lenovo India (@Lenovo_in) August 11, 2015

See how the girls are putting Hutup on the map. The amazing world of YUWA Girls #PitchToHer — MightyMan (@allmaiti) August 11, 2015

The main objective of their campaign is to introduce rural girls in India to technology. YUWA girls are using photography to show the world where they live, what they love and what they do. Changing the definition of rural India.

With a little push and motivating mentors, YUWA girls brought their whole village online only because they were free. These girls proved that if you want something, the entire universe will conspire you to achieve it.

#WhenGirlsAreFree they are unrestrained and unrestricted to bring out their real selves to the fore! @YuwaFootball @Lenovo_in — SmileTheMiles (@MehekMahtani) August 15, 2015

Bhaskar Choudhari, Director, Marketing, Lenovo India said, “The primary objective of 'Pitch to Her' is to engage young individuals towards empowering the YUWA girls and in a way create an unforgettable, fun experience for these volunteers.”

YUWA girls participated in the biggest women’s football tournaments in America and Spain; they won a bronze medal in the Gasteiz Cup in Spain 2013 it doesn’t stop here, they also won $20,000 from FIFA’s football for hope programme. While the idea holds potential, the deficiency of a  substantial social media push could have taken the campaign to touch new highs.

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