All you need to know about Facebook's latest ad formats

Sukaina Meghani
Aug 14, 2015 10:15 IST
New Update
Facebook’s software engineer, Erika Washburn gave the details of the new features in a post on Facebook developer blog.

With over two million advertisers, Facebook on 11th August announced an expansion of its ad types and formats available in audience network. The main objective of the expansion is a better experience for the user, advertiser and all the people using that app. The following updates have been mentioned.

Native autoplay Video

By upgrading to the latest software development kit, and also putting Media View to use, publishers can now bring the video ads experience from Facebook directly to their apps.

Types of formats   

1. Dynamic Product ads - These ads allow advertisers to create timely and suitable ads based on the products people have visited in their website or the app.

2. Click to play ads – These ads provide complete control over the experience to the user.

3. Carousel Ads – These ads showcase up to five images within a single ad unit. It provides the advertisers a more creative real estate in full-screen interstitials compelling imagery for their mobile app.

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