Mrs. Bones knows her 'funny' on Twitter too

Karthika Raveendran
Aug 20, 2015 12:20 IST
Mrs. Funny Bones
Twinkle Khanna could not have found a better name for herself - Mrs. Funnybones. Her sense of humour, her witty one liners and even her sad jokes will leave you chuckling, grunting (if your laugh is one those weird ones) guffawing away to glory.  

She debuted with her first book titled - Mrs. Funnybones two days ago. The fact is, she knows her 'funny' on Twitter as well. We rummaged through her profile and picked out a few instances where she has left us tickled with her Twinkle'isms.'

A hot current topic

With Radhe Maa being the talk of the town of off late, it's not surprising when Mrs Funnybones amuses you with her opinion on the same.


Everyday Sheningans

When she finds herself in a pickle on a perfectly ordinary day



When Mrs.Funnybones exaggerates her phobia a a tad bit. We are not complaining, in fact only empathizing.


'Rumour has it' (the worst ones) 

She decides to ridicule one of those ridiculous rumours and squash it for good. We are with you, completely.



Some Indianisms never fail to make a connection, she points that out rightly.      


Very Punny

A pun, good or bad can never let you down, Mrs. Funnybones  thinks so too.



 If this doesn't make you laugh, then what will? 


Women are from Venus

 Now this is a fact women might agree to, secretly.



When Mrs. Funnybones airs her opinion, you are bound to have an answer and have a good laugh.


It's all in the family 

A moment with her sister dearest


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