All you need to know about the most talked Virtual Appathon by IndiGo

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Aug 17, 2015 13:22 IST
IndiGo airlines has launched ‘6EAppsters’, a Virtual Appathon, inviting travel enthusiasts, ideators & innovators, tech & startups and creative’s to participate in this campaign. Interested candidates can participate as individuals or in groups to share their entries either as a concept, design or the final app.

The airline will be giving away over 500 tickets to the winners on its domestic network. The winners who present the most exciting and gripping App will take home 100 return tickets. 75 return tickets to the first runner up, 50 return tickets to the second runner up, 25 return tickets to the third runner up and 10 return tickets to the fourth runner-up of the competition.

The campaign will revolve around 3 phases as below

  1. Registration Phase: (8th Aug – 15th Sept)

Users can register as a single user/team. Consumers can share a write up on how they want the app, the designers can share the way they would like to design the app, a start-up can have their own idea for the same, and developers can share the wireframe of the app.

  1. Judging Phase:

Short-listed entries will be given a chance to develop their idea further and present their ideas to an esteemed judge’s panel from IndiGo, along with India’s top travel blogger, along with social media and celebrity influencers as well.

  1. Announcement Phase:

The 5 final thoughts/ideas will be selected after thorough scrutiny by the judges panel and IndiGo will help to make that Idea come alive to create IndiGo’s next travel app. Along with the same IndiGo will be giving 100 return tickets to the winning team, followed by 75 and 50 return tickets to the second and third runners up.

Categories for Appsters are listed below:

  1. App to make travel easy
  2. App using APIS from other sources
  3. App for travel suggesting and planning
  4. An application for using APIs from sources of social networks like Facebook and Twitter
  5. IndiGo themed gaming app

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