The arrival of outdoor social media marketing

Paper Tweetos Coca Cola

Soccer fans will go to any extent to profess their love for the sport; Coca Cola recognised this sentiment and combined crazy football moments offline with social media conversations to create ‘Paper Tweetos’

Coca Cola’s intent was to encourage every Argentinian fan to celebrate their love for the Copa America 2011.

The scoring strategy

Soccer matches are very important to Argentinians. They love being a part of the frenzy that comes along. Apart from shout outs and throwing papers during the game, soccer fans love tweeting. Coca Cola decided to add a quirky twist to transform this into the most memorable fan moments.

They customised a hashtag, using which every fan tweeted out their cheer for the soccer matches. These tweets were then printed on paper to create ‘Paper Tweetos.’ These paper tweetos were then blasted out through a cannon created for that very occasion.

Crazy fan moment

At least 20,00,000 paper tweetos were blasted during the opening of the tournament.

It is not the first time when Coca Cola has integrated social media in offline events for upping the engagement quotient. The global soft drink giant laucnhed Coca Cola Hapiness Machine to connect with the youth.

Unlike a regular cold drink vending machine, the Hapiness Machine proffered goodies, freebies and food in the most interactive manner. The video garnered over 6 lakh views and emerged as the perfect example for outdoor and social media integration.

With cross platform integration working as a major strenght, Coca Cola has managed to create a separate digital outdoor marketing stream in the F & B industry.