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About the tool!

Synthesio is an established international high growth company offering technology solutions that drive social media listening, analytics and engagement. Recognized by Forrester and Gartner as an industry leader, Synthesio creates and delivers the tools that allow Fortune 500 brands and agencies to understand and effectively engage with consumers. By delivering social media data of the highest quality within 190+ countries & 50 languages, for brands such as Nissan, P&G, and ANZ, receive crucial intelligence & insights into their market’s opinions, wants and needs.

Whether an organization’s social team is built within marketing or crosses multiple departments, business units or geographies, Synthesio helps teams listen, analyze, and engage with consumer conversations across social and mainstream media within one platform. Founded in 2006, Synthesio has offices in New York, Paris, London, and Singapore.

Who founded the product/company?

Loic Moisand co-founded Synthesio along with Thibault Hanin, in 2006, with the original idea of harnessing social media big data to provide meaningful insights and build customer driven organizations. Loic, responsible for overall company operations and strategic direction, has guided Synthesio from an early start-up to becoming a global leader in social marketing software solutions. Under his leadership Synthesio has built a truly global team, growing revenue and clientele year over year since its kickoff.

Now with offices in France, the US, UK and Singapore, Loic and Synthesio are continuing to lead and innovate in the Social Software Market. Loic holds an MBA from ESSEC Business School, Paris, and is an international speaker and advisor at social media and technology conferences and events globally.

What platforms does it cover?

Follow consumer conversations in more than 220 countries and 50 languages around the world. We track 600 million websites in real time — including local social networks in China, Russia, the Middle East and South America. We have collected more than 36 billion mentions to date, with more than 30 million new mentions added every day from 600 million sites around the globe. So, no matter where the conversation is happening, you won’t miss a thing.

• Coverage in 220 countries and 50 languages
• 600+ million websites covered, and counting
• Sina Weibo, VKontakte, Tianya, Maktub and more

Features of the tool?

Synthesio is a global social listening leader, according to the Forrester Wave research, 2014.


Our key USPs include:

1. Superior global data coverage
2. Automated analysis built from human coding, and
3. A functional dashboard

We have a strong road map that focuses on cooperative and connected sources of consumer feedback data. Well-satisfied customer references score us highly for our flexibility, and the frequency with which we recommend new approaches.

What analytics support does the tool provide?

Gaining consumer insights is a breeze with our 30+ analytics widgets. Measure share of voice, mention volumes, audience demographics and more simply by dragging and dropping widgets into your dashboards.
Social Reputation Score (SRS) calculates a 0-100 brand health score based on the share of positive and negative conversation around your brand — making it easy to benchmark against competitors.

SynthesioRank is a proprietary metric that helps you identify the sites, content and social users that matter to your business. With industry-specific influence scoring on a 0-10 scale, you can rank the media that matters to your business.

Track the share of conversation around your brand as compared to competitors. Understand what’s driving brand awareness and popularity.

Find high-profile individuals around the web who are talking about your brand. Develop individualized outreach plans based on social data to boost organic buzz around your brand. Plus, you can sort and filter your influencers by a variety of criteria, including topic, influence, number of mentions, channel type and more.

See how the people talking about your brand break down by gender, age, language, interests and more. Use these insights to develop products and services that are targeted at your audience.
Social ROI is our new suite of metrics to help you measure and boost the impact of your organization’s social activities.

• Awareness: How far could my brand’s message spread?
• Acquisition: What’s the growth of my community?
• Activation: How successfully am I engaging with my community?
• Satisfaction: How does my audience feel about my brand?

Does it give an option to download reports?

What kind of sentiment analysis does it do and how accurate is it?

Our automatic sentiment analysis (ASA) lets you measure the tone of conversations around your brand. Available in 18 languages, ASA automatically analyzes and assign sentiment to conversations so you can see what’s driving positivity and negativity.

What’s the algorithm for sentiment analysis?

Synthesio’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) model consists of 2 core tools:
• Automatic Sentiment Analysis (ASA)
• Language Identification (langId)

Our enhanced NLP model is classification-based, meaning it can identify the presence (or absence) of sentiment in multiple contexts, and apply a positive/negative/neutral tag with greater precision.

Further, we allow customers to manually correct mentions in their dashboards, and as a result improve our machine learning algorithms, so we can continuously increase the accuracy of our automatic tagging system.

What are the brands/agencies that are using this tool?

ANZ, P&G, SK-II, Danone, Samsung, BNP Paribas, Panasonic, GroupM, L’Oreal, Johnson & Johnson, LG, Gucci, McDonald’s, Club Med, etc.

Pricing & Packages

We usually tailor our offering based on the business needs. The packages we have could be a Basic (1 to 3 dashboards) to a scalable Enterprise level package (more than 200 dashboards). The starting investment as low as US$1200 per month or $10,000 and upwards based on the complexity of the business case.


Check out our blog, for latest announcements on global partnerships and product developments:

The Team

Synthesio is a team of global innovators with a passion for social technology and successful customers. With more than 150 people and 4 offices around the world, we are dedicated to the mission of delivering innovative solutions to our industry-leading customers. But Synthesio is not just about technology – it is about our people, our culture, our team – and our dedication to creativity, collaboration and delivering a unique experience.

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