Faasos positions itself as a savior from home cooked food

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Faasos upped its mobile strategy with the push of its latest campaign. A combination of video content and strategic roll out on Twitter - the campaign aims at enhancing app downloads for the brand.

A thought for food 

Conceptualized by Lowe Lintas, the campaign managed to score some chuckles and Ha Ha's. The purpose of the campaign was to let their audience know what Faasos was offering for hunger with their gourmet app. Choosing from various options, tracking orders, cashless payments to relishing the appetizing meals daily, are some of the features.

(W)rappin' on Social media 

To promote their pioneering features, Faasos used social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. In their latest DVCs, they’ve used #AajKhaaneMeinKyaHai theme that received limited feedback. Nevertheless, twitteratis sent pictures of what they were about to eat as a reply to the question asked by Faasos.

Both the films revolve around interesting faces that a common Jack makes while trying to figure out lunch or dinner when planning to eat at home. The app tried connecting with young adults by showing what a single chap goes through all day by targeting the ‘dudes who always look for food’ and for all those hard working guys with an irritating bai.

Faasos has always been social media savvy. Prior to this, like many other “Tweet to win’ contests, Faasos took a similar approach, asking its followers to replace their display pictures with that of Faasos' Twitter DP and send out #WeGotYourFood tweet. Through this approach, they made the process of ordering food online easy and made it look like fun.

By the end of the contest, around 27 winners were gifted a movie voucher for their tweet support. They claim to be the first food spotting app to introduce the ‘Tweet to order’ feature in India.

Food-spotting done right?

Although the ad films were creative, their Twitter handle managed to create limited engagement. According to Social Mention, around 61 tweets were sent out with #AajKhaneMeinKyaHai.

On the other hand, both the videos managed to score around 70k views on YouTube combined.

A similar campaign was executed by Dominos wherein consumers had to send out a tweet with #EasyOrder to place their order. The campaign was greeted with a phenomenal response.

While it could be executed at a wider range, Faasos did experiment with their activity on social media platforms.

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