Instagram's 400 million mark: Why is Instagram pacing ahead?

Karthika Raveendran
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It started off as a minion, and now is a friendly colourful giant – Facebook’s  Instagram has crossed the 400 million mark, leaving behind the chatty Twitter; not so chatty anymore.

The photo sharing app is like the popular kid in high school with at least 80 million photos being shared every day, as mentioned in their blog. According to Instagram’s blogpost, maximum users were added from Brazil, Japan and Indonesia.

This photo sharing app has come a long way from just pictures and hashtags to now videos and instagram games, instalogues and almost being a news portal lookalike (featuring the first surface image of Pluto) Designers have also taken to Instagram to unveil their collection ( Masaba Gupta showcased her spring summer collection on Instagram)

There are reasons attributing to the increase in followers:

  • Data is increasingly turning visual with images and videos preferred over text.
  • The world is moving towards a more only mobile friendly environment, especially the millennial generation

Some of the most followed Instagram accounts include David Beckham from the UK, Caitlyn Jenner from the US, German soccer player Toni Kroos and South Korea’s T.O.P, as mentioned in Instagram’s blog post.

Instagram is now open to featuring even sponsored ads from across the world.

Why is Instagram pacing ahead?

In a world that goes by in a blur, this photo sharing app makes life a little more fun, colourful and shareworthy.

As mentioned by them, they hope to help you experience the world through images and connect with others through shared passions in the future.

With every other social media network surging forward, Twitter will have to up the ante, otherwise, it will only be having soliloquies where it stands.

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