[Interview] Malay Dikshit on Tata Sky's social media approach

Saloni Surti
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[Interview] Malay Dikshit on Tata Sky's social media approach
While social media for Tata Sky stands to exhibit a global tone and manner, the DTH brand had different objective from the medium for every campaign. In the lieu of the launch of Tata Sky’s latest campaign – Transferkars, Social Samosa gets in conversation with Malay Dikshit Chief Communications Officer – Tata Sky.

How will you use social media in your new campaign ‘Transferkar’?

The campaign is digital at heart. Main aim of our social media campaign is the launch of our new box. On social media we have an impact plus impressions strategy for this particular campaign. While we will promote our new product, we will also give audience the opportunity to interact with the Transferkar family.

As a marketer what is your objective from social media platforms?

As a marketer, our objective from social media platforms is to strengthen our position and generating interest about our product. Social media has been a part of our every campaign. However, what we want to achieve is on social media is different for every initiative. Our tone and manner is to make Tata Sky and approachable entity with a dash of vibrant youthfulness. This stays same for all our campaigns.

You expressed that your objective from social media is different for every campaign? What was the brief given to the agency for this campaign?

We already have higher engagement as compared to our competition across social platforms. The brief given to the team was to take our innovation score up across social platforms at least by 20 per cent.

Consumers now have a busy lifestyle. How can you make conversions of viewing entertainment offered by us through different mediums? How can you make it simple? Tata Sky is known for pitting messages through hyperbole. How will this message be taken to maximum audience? This was the brief given to them.

How much does social media help in lead generation for Tata Sky?

Social media is one of our important means when it comes to lead generation. Right now our social media numbers are enough to get us good virality and sharability. Our recent video teasers received 60k views with their release. We plan to take it up to 100k.

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