#KatjuStoogeAttack taking social media by fire


After Justice Katju shared his opinions on his personal blog, he was invited by Arnab Goswami for a debate session on his channel. The topic of debate, however, took a turn when the conversation started getting ‘nasty’ and Katju refused to apologise for the remarks he made earlier.

Following the debate session, Justice Katju took to Facebook to take a stand against the nature of the debate and Arnab’s behaviour with his guest, questioning his anchoring skills. Ironical as it may be, a person that was against social media and wanted to restrict the use of it, is now resorting to social media sharing Arnab Goswami’s incident.

Last evening Arnab Goswamy telephoned me and asked me to appear on his show on Times Now channel regarding Subhas…

Posted by Markandey Katju on Tuesday, September 15, 2015

#KatjuStoogeAttack took twitter and Facebook by fire with people supporting both the parties equally. The ball would be in Arnab’s court if only the conversation wouldn’t revolve around the tone of language. His slap and soothe mantra didn’t seem to work well this time and was blamed for it.

Katju being a former chairman of the Press council of India allegedly called Bose as a ‘Japanese agent’ on his blog and kept repeating it on the show in the presence of Bose’s family members present on the panel too.