KitKat’s #MyBreak has a break for every profession

KitKat Break

Have a break, have a KitKat – breaks have been synonymous with the candy bar; with #MyBreakKitKat adds a level of customization to its campaign. The campaign circles around the notion of how anyone can take a break anytime and anywhere.

KitKat plays on consumer psyche by defining various kinds of breaks that its consumers crave for. For me it would be music, for you checking on cricket score and for someone else watching a quick funny cat video. #MyBreak fine tunes the concept further by summarising breaks for every profession.

Banking on the cool quotient, #MyBreak comes across as a relatable piece of information for anyone who has been toiling with dreams of a peaceful time off. The video opens a fun note showing a rockstar taking a break during a concert to indulge in a KitKat. It later shows a barber, a professor and a lot other individuals enjoying a break in what comes across as their daily routine; like a superhero taking #MyBreak from saving lives.

The video has received over 1.5 million views on YouTube and more than 1.2 million views on Facebook.

Making the content more topical and relatable, #MyBreak refers to contextual targeting. The video is being shared with various thumbnails on Facebook for a wider reach. Interest based targeting on Facebook worked well for KitKat with the video garnering a much higher number of views.

Enhancing its video nexus, #MyBreaktakes a precision marketing route on YouTube with 5 second bumper ads. Namely, Piano Break, Cricket Break and LOL Break make their way to YouTube viewers basis their content preferences.

KitKat targeted the cricket ad runs on cricket oriented content and music five second bumper ad runs before music content on YouTube.

Similarly, when a user searches for a stand-up comedian or a funny video they are greeted with the LOL break.

#MyBreak on Instagram

#MyBreak has taken a dynamic social media approach by creating content tangents across all platforms. Hopping on the Instagram marketing bus, KitKat is the photo sharing app’s launch partner.

KitKat created visually enhanced small format content for Instagram. Content tailored for mobile screens works well with #MyBreak videos receiving over 1 lac likes.

With campaigns often running off track owing to lack of context or force fit, #MyBreakmakes a connect with right amount of cool, brand connect and relatability.