#TimelessStories – A timeless campaign with temporary results?


At some point, you have to realize that some people can only stay in your heart but not your life, which is why memories are considered timeless. OLX’s #Daastan thrives to bring back lost memories with their life-affirming initiative to reunite people by leading incomplete stories to a fitting end.

68 years on, people are still looking for the things they left behind. Join us in this epic journey to reunite them by listing that era items on OLX using #Daastaan.

Posted by OLX India on Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The films end with a voiceover that rightly says, “Yaadon ki koi sarhad nahi hoti.” #TimelessStories have been focusing on the Indian independence era when partition took place. Both the films show how it took sixty-eight years to find a happy, satisfying ending. OLX India and Pakistan have been encouraging their followers on Twitter to share similar timeless stories.

Conceptualized by Leo Burnett, the campaign aims at helping search for belongings that users may have lost when they were forced to move, by sharing their stories and pictures with #TimelessStories.

#Daastan has successfully won over many hearts from their viewers on social media by showing how memories have no borders and are treasured for life.

Olx also hosted a contest on Twitter, asking 10 questions that the participants have to answer with  #TimelessStories. OLX primarily being an online classifieds website tried inculcating a sense of respect and acceptability for used goods using the power of social media and ingenious concept.

Temporary results 

Olx created a beautiful fit of its services in the daily lives of citizens. #TimelessStories too managed to create quite a stir on social media, nonetheless suffered a temporary death due to a short shelf life of hashtags.

While both the videos were greeted with a positive sentiment on Facebook, Twitter lagged behind.

According to data by Topsy, #TimelessStories received approximately 3,000 tweets in the last 20 days – a decent number which could have been much higher with a slight push. Also, a topic on the likes of India – Pakistan friendship holds fiery potential, yet seems to be underutilized.