When Instagram got 3D at Nordstrom

Department store chain Nordstrom went about a unique way to promote their summer sale. They took to the social media route, offline and displayed an Instagram post, on the roof in the form of a 3D installation.

The Announcement

The main intention behind this 3D Display by Nordstrom was to promote their upcoming summer sale by catching the consumer’s attention in a unique way.


Nordstrom, chose an iconic dress – the Leith leopard-print body con dress, which was to be available at the sale, as well. A 55 foot version of the Leith Leopard-print body-con dress along with a 25-foot long actual wooden hanger. The installation was not complete without Instagram’s blue logo and a comment from Nordstrom saying “Wild about #NSale”. The department store chain displayed the 3D installation two days before the summer sale

Wild about #NSale.

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While the installation was being set up, the entire process was recorded via drone cameras, so that consumers could experience it in real time. Nordstrom decided to live update their social media accounts with the entire process, step by step.

At the end of it all, Nordstrom created a time lapse video, showing the 3D project in its entirety which the department store uploaded on their instagram account.


This work of art is an implication of what consumers are hooked on to these days. The fact that the 3D installation carried the typical instagram logo made it easily recognisable and relatable. The idea of letting consumers experience it in real time took the project to another level, as consumers got to be part of the brand’s big day, without having to be present physically.