[Event] MICA to host MICANVAS with ‘Disruption’ as theme

College Students

MICA, college for strategic marketing and communication is hosting the country’s largest marketing festival – MICANVAS from 30th to-1st of November.

The theme for MICANVAS this year is Disruption, which the college believes is the steam behind driving innovation. The college is all set with installations of their events & games and will very soon be welcoming teams from various colleges across India.


MICANVAS this year has multiple events spanning 3 days and the preliminary rounds have already taken place. The finales will be taking place in the campus itself and MICA is expecting to host around 80-100 students for the festival along with the city’s crowd. The evenings will see performances by artists from East India Comedy, Sachin Jigar, Dualist Inquiry and more.

The major events this year like Ambush marketing, Last manager Standing, Metropia will have multiple rounds that will test the participants’ acumen about crisis management, rebranding, design etc.

The Games on campus are varying from a life size model of angry birds, eating ice cream to NBA hosting basketball Jam, a 4 on 4 basketball competition, for all teams from Ahmedabad.

Disruption is us

Participants from all colleges should expect a beautiful campus, exciting events, prize money, good music & food and an unanimous MICAN voice saying – Disruption is us; We are MICANVAS.