Facebook does not deviate, rather enhances its USPs

When it comes to Facebook, nothing speaks more about you than your profile picture. It’s the first thing that catches people’s attention as it gives them the first peek into who you possibly are.Users are always looking for new and improved ways to express themselves online, for better connectivity. Also, when searching for an old friend/ potential peer, if there was little more information along with the profile picture, it would make things a lot easier.
As Facebook introduces some mobile friendly features that centre on your profile, it looks like,  creating your identity on Facebook is going to get a lot more fun and informative.

7 second video loop

Just like the moving pictures at Hogwarts, you can now create a 7 second profile video, in pace of just a picture. It’s a 7 second nutshell of who you are. Imagine the fun possibilities, with a profile video. It’s time to get a little crazy.

While analysts are speculating whether this feature would also be available for Facebook Pages, Brand Managers and Creative Agencies are rolling up their sleeves to make the most out of this recent development

Temporary profile pictures

When a person updates a profile picture, apart from choosing a good picture, it’s about giving people a glimpse of your current state of mind/ stage of life/ a memory related to a wedding or a trip or a dinner/ the important people in your life.

Obviously, if the person has to fit all this in, it would be an easy route for a spam.

What does Facebook do?

It gives you the option to set a temporary version of profile picture which would go back to the previous picture after a specified time.

Your picture will be doing all the talking now, as it changes to an event in your life you wish to showcase.

Profile controls 

Now along with enhancing your profile picture, Facebook has made room for a bio profile right above the picture. The bio can convey information about you even in one line, you can selectively choose for only certain fields to appear (Education, Job), also you can add a few of best pictures as part of your bio profile. This information will be visible to anybody who sees your profile picture, which would make searching someone on Facebook a lot easier. (Unless of course the privacy option is turned on)

Along with new features, Facebook is looking at creating changes even in the design layout, as the profile picture and video will now be centered and bigger, thus giving utmost importance to the way you present yourself on the biggest social networking site.

It’s also going to make knowing someone you have just met, a lot more fun and easy by placing the mutual friends right on top.  As for the friends you already know, their visual highlights will be right above the profile, making connectivity more fun and colourful.

With all these changes, Facebook has given primary importance to its users’ ‘social appearance’ which would help  the people look good before their family, peers and potential peers.

1.23 billion happy users in turn would improve Facebook’s ‘digital appearance’ overall.

It’s all upping your game and having to constantly evolve to survive in this digital ecosystem. What’s new becomes old in an instant and what’s old is already gone in this digital era.

Facebook understands that and shows you how it’s done.  What stands out is, this networking site is not actually going back on its USPs but is rather enhancing it with new advance improvements.