Facebook’s dislike button is not at all what we expected


If you were all set to pour out your discontent on narcissist posts and evil happenings in the world, you might be in for a slight disappointment. The much awaited dislike button reportedly will be rolled out in the form of Facebook Reactions.

In addition to emojis and feelings – Facebook users will be able to react to a happening with seven reactions – ranging from the standard thumbs up, like, heart, smiling face, surprised face, sad face and an angry face.

These emojis will be placed alongside the like button, giving users an option to react immediately. The option to express with these reactions will be available to both desktop and mobile users.

How this exactly sums upto dislike is something we are yet to understand. On second thoughts, this could be Zuckerberg’s way of sugar coating the much awaited dislike button for Facebook users around the globe.

The social media giant hinted on working towards the dislike button last month and is reportedly all set to roll it out in Spain and Ireland markets very soon.

What might appear as a turn off that is that once the reaction option has been rolled out there will be no way to turn it off.

With the announcement came in a lot of concerns around the negative energy that a dislike option would catalyze. Not to mention the business and marketing impact of a dislike option, since like turned out to become Facebook’s biggest currency (though it is not anymore).

Facebook has been on its toes in the last few days with constant updates including lead ads, news feed upgradation and video auto play. Wonder how users are going to ‘react’ to oh so many changes.