HUL plants the seeds of consumer engagement in Kissanpur


With the fast-moving city life, most of us are so preoccupied with work and responsibilities that we forget to pause and look at the miracles of life around us. The real happiness of spending time with loved ones and family cannot be replaced even with all the money in the world and Kissan’s latest campaign showed us how.

Brand Name



Kissanpur is an initiative taken by the Hindustan Unilever group that encourages children to participate in planting and growing tomatoes by making families spend time together.

According to Kissan, the campaign not only helped build natural experiences but also enhance the brand’s ‘real’ credentials. The main intention of the campaign was to let their consumers know about the authenticity of the Kissan products and that they are made from 100% real fruits and tomatoes.

The basic motive of the campaign was to drive engagement and to increase traffic towards, “Kissanpur – real joy of togetherness” DVC and also to create the awareness about the campaign.

Prior to sharing their latest DVC, Kissan carried out a contest in 2012,  “Kissan 100% real blogger” that invited bloggers to share their 100% real experiences of growing up and was followed with a digital film of “Kissanpur – the real joy of togetherness” that managed to connect the brand to parents on an emotional level.


Using content marketing and sharing a philosophical DVC, Kissan showed how everyone is getting connected but still driving each other away from their family, children and how one random act of kindness can bring about the much change that is needed.

The brand created #RealTogetherness to drive engagement around the video as opposed to going down the traditional contest route.

The execution was a 3 step process – inspire, engage, and reward. Digital platforms proved to be a boon and work like magic for Kissan.

The activity was executed on social media and tweets with hashtag #RealTogetherness were seen rolling out that reminded the forgotten joys of togetherness.

The ketchup king also interacted with other brands on the micro-blogging website encouraging them to use their campaign hashtag. Brands such as ShaadiDotCom, and MobiKwik were amongst the first few.


Clearly, the digital video seemed to gain popularity on the social platform because of the heartwarming storyline that managed to generate emotions in viewers. With a reach of over 23M monthly users, Outbrain was exactly what HUL needed to drive audience coming from premium publishers to the Kissan homepage.

The campaign used content amplification technology to reach out to target audience. The YouTube video managed to get more than 80K views and delivered 122, 617 video views on the homepage. There were at least 1.8K tweets sent out with the hashtag #RealTogetherness and struck an emotional chord amongst the social media users.

Kissanpur campaign is definitely helping families spend time together, come closer and grow along with the seeds that makes everyone witness the magic of creating life with bare hands.