[Interview] Exploring Living Foodz’s social media roadmap with Adhishree Murdia


Food has evolved to become a subject of social (media) passion. When it comes to marketing a television channel while dealing with this buzzword, acute planning is required. Adhishree Murdia, Marketing Head, Living Foodz sheds light on social media marketing for television channels in lieu of Living Foodz’s strategy for the platform.

As a marketer what is your objective from social media?

Food and lifestyle is all about connecting with people. With Living Foodz we want to create an opportunity to connect in a way where food is fun.

Social media demands us to stay buzzing, trending and followed. We want to engage with and entertain our consumers. Measure sentiment through social media and get them express opinion about our content using this space.

Our idea is to keep innovating in the space with a wow factor. For instance we used Insta Flip to portray an interesting topic such as journey of cottage cheese. We want to use social media to make our viewers a part of our journey.

How has arrival of social media impacted content consumption trends?

Trend of multiple screens has been dominating post the arrival of social media. From pocket to purse, mobile has become a primary screen, in such a scenario, social media becomes a tool for immediate feedback on the content we offer (across screens).

Television channels now need to be prepared to reciprocate to the audience and the right time. Engage with them as partners who create content. Create trending content and make sure your viewers tune in for the main show on their television screens.

How are you using social media for better content circulation and wider reach?

Social media right now is for creating awareness around the content. It’s like creating traction around content through word of mouth. We give our audience an opportunity to interact with chefs who are our ambassadors. We also offer recipes and use Q and A formats for engagement.

The idea is to create a brand experience that has not seen before. For the same, we had done an activity around Ganesh Chaturthi wherein we asked our TG how they plan to welcome Lord Ganesha with varieties of food.

We also used Periscope to create conversation between our viewers and their loved hosts Rocky and Mayur. Living Foodz tries not to replicate the content we create on television. We want to co-create content with our audience.

As a television channel what are the hurdles faced by you in social media marketing?

Dynamic set up of social media is challenge. One needs to adapt or become obstinate. As a television channel always remember you exist on social media but never overpower the medium with brand that people un-follow. Create come back value. The moment we become only Living Foodz viewers might not want to talk to us.

What are the top 3 social media marketing hacks for television channels?

Youth as a medium and audience has to be correctly used. In our case, it is important how we reach out to food enthusiasts.

Understand what people want though social media – blogs, quick recipes these are the things they expect from us.

Have a focus approach. There are 10 thousand things to talk about, but that will only confuse your followers. Have a focus target in the space.


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