Snapdeal goes beyond banal e-commerce advertising with Diwali campaign

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Snapdeal goes beyond banal e-commerce advertising with Diwali campaign
Quirky e-commerce marketing wars often leave the message and blurred and undelivered. Amidst such clutter, informing consumers about an upcoming sale needs to be done artfully. Snapdeal does so with their new campaign #SnapdealDiwaliComingSoon.

How easy is it to forget a sale poster, print ad or boost post that you saw while dealing with thousand other things? Very easy. Breaking the monotony of vanilla contests and hashtags, Snapdeal created a video series featuring Amir Khan as a Shayar.


The e-commerce giant’s brand ambassador is seen informing users about Snapdeal’s sale Preview Monday Sale held on 28th September and the electronics sale happening on 12th October.


The content around Aamir being used to promote the campaign is quirky and addictive and a refreshing change from the usual adverts we see on TV talking about sales.

When Snapdeal clicked

Content marketing route is no longer a novel one. Having said that, tasteful connect is still absconding. Brands are often seen creating a force fit to grab eyeballs.

With this video series Snapdeal camouflages its message with humour and exclusivity of Shayaris delivered by the ultimate influencer – Amir Khan.


Shayari was an unexplored territory in the ad world until Snapdeal launched this campaign. The launch of the campaign is quite innovative, which integrates social and offline media. Teasers featuring Aamir Khan were first released on social media.


The interest generated by the content coupled with an integrated quiz around the launch made #SnapdealDiwaliComingSoon trend #1 on Twitter in India. Users appreciated the new look of Aamir Khan including celebrities such as Sunny Leone who found Aamir hot.


The interest generated by Pre-buzz translated in to an effective launch for the campaign where the first video in the series was launched. Within half an hour the hashtag, #DiwaliDilKiDealWali started trending on Twitter.


Snapdeal followed up the campaign launch with a quiz to engage with their audiences around the campaign. A lot of positive feedback has been received for the first video in the series.

What worked well?

A steady combination of celebrity quotient, humour, unconventional content format and supporting contest created a 360 degree impact, tapping consumers from every point. The content held brand recall, which led to Snapdeal’s hashtags trend for a long time.




The campaign also had strong user connectivity, with Snapdeal engaging with the users in fun banter and not hard selling their Diwali sale.

Amidst repetitive e-commerce marketing, Snapdeal’s this campaign comes in as a breath of fresh air.

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